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About TrackMan Baseball

TrackMan has developed proprietary 3D radar technology to measure and objectively quantify aspects of baseball performance that have until this point been subjectively reported. TrackMan has quickly gained credibility and taken significant strides towards becoming the gold standard for accuracy in baseball by providing unique, measured data that scouts, coaches, players, and Major League teams are merging with traditional video and statistics to improve player evaluation and development processes. Although the radar technology captures upwards of 27 different measurements per pitch and hit, Perfect Game has partnered with TrackMan to provide scouts, teams, and fans with a subset of the data.

What We Track - The Basics

What we Track

Pitch Speed - This is the speed of a pitch, reported in miles per hour, at the moment the ball leaves the pitcher's hand.

Hit Speed - The speed of the ball, measured in miles per hour, as it comes off the bat at the moment of contact. Exit speed is a primary indicator of a batter's raw power.

Distance - This is the estimated "carry flat" distance of a batted ball measured in feet. The "carry flat" distance is the distance that the ball travels before it lands, or would have landed if it were not caught or obstructed.

Spin Rate - How fast the ball is spinning as it leaves the pitcher's hand, reported in the number of times the pitched ball would spin per minute ("revolutions per minute" or "rpm"). Spin rate significantly impacts the movement of a pitch, and based off the pitch type it can drastically improve a pitcher's effectiveness.

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